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MOVIE REVIEW: Die Beautiful

Disclaimer (and I might paste this part a lot sa mga susunod kong isusulat na mga reviews para iwas bashing :p) I am not an expert film critic so everything na mababasa niyo ay pawang opinyon lang ng isang ordinaryong moviegoer. I have great respect for other people’s opinion so I hope readers/visitors of this blog will not take it negatively kung may part man that you don’t agree with. I will try my best to write unbiased reviews so if some of you don’t share the same opinion, peace tayo! Hehe! ;)

Direk Jun Robles Lana is one of the directors who I look up to. I met him once when I applied on his scriptwriting workshop last year. He wowed me then and he amazed me again now. Kung pwede lang na sa isang salita ko lang ma-describe yung pelikula niya, ito lang:


Mula sa direksyon hanggang sa pagkaka-edit ng pelikula up to the flawless performance of Paolo Ballesteros and Christian Bables. I read so many reviews of Die Beautiful and so far, I never came across one that was negative. Because of that, lalo ako nacurious. Pagka-announce pa lang that it was one of the finalists in 2016’s Metro Manila Film Festival, naaatat na ‘ko mapanood.

I expected it to be good but not this much. Awards garnered by this film are all well-deserved. Paolo did an amazing job as Trisha Echeverria, so did Christian as he played the ever loyal bestfriend, Barbs. The way they portrayed their characters were compelling. The movie was well written. Kahit hindi ka beki, makaka-relate ka. The lines weren’t tacky  at hindi pilit. Kudos to Die Beautiful's screenwriter, Rody Vera. As a viewer, para akong tsismosa na nag-oobserve at nanonood sa dalawang beki  sa kanto. That’s how real it felt.

Some non-linear movies that I watched in the past left me confused at some point, but not this one. The film editor, Ben Tolentino, did such a brilliant job and the idea na it jumps from one timeline to another, yung pagkakatahi at pagkakabuo ng pelikula, it all made sense. As a viewer, hindi niya ko nilito. The way the movie was edited, in my opinion, was one of its strengths.

Die Beautiful is one of 2016’s must-see movie.

Colorful. Intense. Moving.

Carpe diem!

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