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Breaking Up with a Friend

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A reader sent me a private message and opened up about her bestfriend. I didn’t intend to blog about it but I hope she won’t mind that I did (I won’t drop your name, promise!) Anyway, it was about ending a friendship because of personal issues. I’m not sure if I have posted something similar to this but I’ll write about it na lang din in case hindi pa.

Is it possible to break up with a friend? Yes. And to be honest, mas masakit yun kaysa sa makipagbreak sa boyfriend o girlfriend kasi more often than not, mas malalim yung nabubuo nating relationship with our friends. It’s the kind of relationship na feeling mo napakaliit ng probability na masira that’s why when we meet people who we want to keep for a very very long time, kinakaibigan natin. So what will you do nga ba when you start to feel that the friendship you value the most seem to be in shambles?

There are so many possible reasons pero kung ako ang tatanungin, parang mas mahirap yung wala naman kayong specific na pinag-awayan. Yung tipong basta na lang one day naramdaman mo na lang na may distance na. At least kung may pinagmulang issue, you know what to talk about. Kahit paano alam mo saan mo sisimulang ayusin. But when you realize that you’re starting to outgrow your friend, or kung ikaw man yung naoutgrow niya, how do you deal with that nga ba?

I’m not the best person to answer, to be honest, kasi pinagdaanan ko din yan and I don’t know if I did the right thing. At first you will fight for the friendship and exert as much effort as you can to save it pero one day kasi marerealize mo na lang na may mga tao na hanggang dun na lang talaga sa buhay mo. It doesn’t mean that you’re erasing them from your life or that they don’t care about you anymore. It’s just that maybe they already served their purpose in your life. You guys are still friends. Walang papalit sa kanya, walang papalit sayo. Growing apart is not always a bad thing. Maybe discovering new friendships is the best for both of you now. Embracing the kind of growth you need as well as welcoming other people who could make you a better version of yourself at the moment is not easy kasi may mga bagay at tao kang mabibitawan either namalayan mo o hindi. It sucks but that’s life.

If you are the one who feels like being set aside, I’m sure you love your friend at sure din akong importante ka sa kaibigan mo pero minsan, kahit gustuhin natin, hindi tayo ang sagot o makakatulong sa mga pinagdadaanan nila. Make them feel that you’re still their friend and that you’ll always be there but respect the space they’re creating kasi baka yun ang kailangan nila. It’s going to be sad and just like breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, ang hirap magdetach lalo na kung sanay ka na nandyan lang sila but you’ll get over it. Try not to be bitter about it kasi at the end of the day, may pinagsamahan kayo. You will miss your friend, mamimiss ka din nun. Pero gaya nga ng sabi nila, real friendships survive everything. Hindi man kayo mag usap o magkita ng maraming taon, kung malalim yung pagmamahal na nabuo between two friends, one day you’ll see each other and it will be as if walang nagbago. I hope you look forward to that.

If the falling out happened because of an argument, malalim man yan o mababaw, just say SORRY. Ikaw man o siya may kasalanan, just say it and mean it. Hindi kabawasan sa pagkatao magpakumbaba. Pero depende pala ‘to sa bigat ng pinag-awayan ah. I-gauge mo din naman kung toxic friendship na yan kasi baka naman naaabuso ka na o baka without you knowing ikaw na yung nang-aabuso sa kaibigan mo. But if it’s a fight between friends talaga at alam mong bump in the road lang siya, save the friendship and TALK. If despite that lumayo na talaga loob niya sayo, at least let your friend know that no matter what happens nandyan ka lang (and mean it, okay?) Don’t ditch your friend in the future para makaganti.

Friends are God's gift. We treat some of them like family. They’re like an extension of us. Ganun sila ka-importante that’s why we feel messed up sometimes when we’re in trouble with our friends. I can’t tell you a sure formula to fix your woes with your friends but I greatly believe in love and its power kaya pag mahal mo ang isang tao, pamilya man yan, kaibigan o bf/gf, lalawak ng kusa ang pang-unawa mo at matututunan mong unahin ang nararamdaman nila at pangangailangan nila kaysa sayo. You will learn how to humble yourself and apologize, to forgive, to embrace change, and to be happy for them even if it means you have to simply care for them from a distance.

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For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11

REVIEW: Age of Youth

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Minsan talaga ang saya pag nauubusan ng mapapanood kasi kakahanap, I tend to discover underrated movies and shows that end up becoming my favorites. Age of Youth is one of them.

I haven’t watched TV for a long time. Could be because there’s nothing really nice to see lately or siguro yung oras na ina-allot ko for recreation is so late that I prefer to binge watch online na lang. I actually planned to watch Age of Youth early this year but I had to catch up on work and some other things kaya lately ko na lang naalala na papanoorin ko pala siya. After checking out the first episode, ayun na. I couldn’t help but skip a day of my usual routine and burned the couch para magmarathon. Yes, IT’S THAT GOOD.

The story revolves around 5 female characters who live in a dormitory. Sa unang basa ng synopsis, I really thought it will have that sorority vibe na medyo chic and would center on romantic relationships but I was so wrong. The story was well written that even the dialogues hit me really hard kasi hindi lang siya hugot pang-lovelife, hugot pang-buhay talaga. I call it a “life” drama because it was amazingly realistic. They touched so many topics that not all Korean dramas (or television shows in general) would dare to tackle. I learned so many things hindi lang tungkol sa romantic relationships but more on life and how to survive it considering na ang daming issues sa mga tao sa paligid mo at lalo na sa sarili mo.

The five characters may have had a hard time getting along at first because they have different personalities pero the way they show how much they care for each other, sobrang squad goals sila for me. I wish everybody could have their own version of Belle Epoque – a place where you can be somebody else and be yourself at the same time. Hindi ko ma-explain but if you have watched this series, I’m sure you’ll understand. ;) I can see myself in each of the characters kaya nagkaron talaga ako ng attachment sa story.

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The cast was superb especially Han Ye Ri and Ryu Hwa Young. Both of them played such complex roles and they were really able to make me feel how wretched they are pero lumalaban. The show could be melodramatic at times but the writer did a great job sa pagbalanse because during funny scenes, sobrang nakakatawa naman nga talaga. The romance part didn’t disappoint as well (Sunbae Yoon and Chef Park’s chemistry was off the charts!). Character development, yung progression ng story, camerawork, yung locations, lahat. Everything was on point.

If you’re looking for something good to watch, yung tipong maaaliw ka and matututo ka at the same time, I highly recommend this Kdrama. It will make you reflect about your own life and how you treat the people around you. I would have wanted to see more kasi sobrang iksi ng 12 episodes para sa’kin but they wrapped it up nicely and the writers gave the viewers enough room to imagine what’s going to happen next.

If you happen to be a fan of this series (or baka future fan in case mapanood mo), this bit info is a treat. I heard they’re coming back for a second season. It was confirmed by the network that aired the show but JTBC hasn’t spilled yet who among the cast will join its next installment. Sana same writer and director din.

Before I end this, let me share my favorite quote from the series. Just something to ponder on. ;)

“I thought that people only got lost when they tried to go somewhere. And I thought that people’s lives only got hard because they set objectives. But staying in the same place for too long makes you lose your way too.”

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For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Falling In, Falling Out

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I had a conversation with one of my readers the other day. As I was thinking of a topic to write about today, bigla ko siyang naalala. 

He asked me: How do you tell someone that you’ve fallen out of love without hurting her?

Sa part na “without hurting her”, sarap mo kutusan, N! Haha! Though nasabi ko na sa’yo ‘to pero... WALANG GANUN! :p Kahit gaano kalambing boses mo, kahit sabihin mo sa harap ng Eiffel Tower, kahit magpa-fireworks display ka habang nakikipag-split, MASAKIT YUN! Falling out of love is never romantic. Sabi nga ni James Ingram “When it falls apart, there’s no easy way to break somebody’s heart”. :p

When you fall out of love...

Honesty is the best policy, Kuya. Some people kasi naghihintay na magkamali yung isa para makahanap ng dahilan para makipaghiwalay o di kaya magpapakacold at hihintayin na yung isa yung bumigay, mali yun. Maling mali. Masakit na nga na iiwan mo, pagi-guiltyhin mo pa kahit wala naman siyang kasalanan. If there’s one thing that I value now more than ever, yun na yun, honesty. Masaktan ka man o di kaya makasakit ka ng iba, malaking bagay yung alam mo at masabi mo kung ano yung totoo.

Hindi ko alam yung feeling because in my entire relationship history parang never pa ata na ako talaga yung sumuko. I have felt that way maybe, yung parang ayaw ko na, but I always find a way how to get the feeling back kasi ang mindset ko pag nasa relationship, kung susukuan mo, walang relasyon na tatagal sayo. And in any relationship hindi naman yan laging masaya. A lasting relationship needs work, patience and the “never give up” attitude. Swerte ka kung makatagpo ka ng kapareho mo kasi in that case, for keeps na yan.

But then, may mga klase ng “falling out of love” na hindi na talaga marerevive. So kesa magsuffer kayong pareho being in a loveless and unhappy relationship, be brave enough to tell her how you feel. It will hurt you too, I’m sure of that kasi sino ba namang tao ang may gusto na makasakit di ba? But that’s the only advice I can give you. Wag ka na mamili ng timing kasi walang perfect day para makipag-break. The more na pinatatagal, the more na makakasakit ka. Just do what you have to do. The guilt of hurting someone you used to care a lot about will creep in for sure pero isipin mo na lang, mas okay na yun than lying to her everyday.

When the one you love tells you that they don’t feel the same way anymore...

I will never say na “Okay lang yan!” kasi isa yung malaking kalokohan. Hindi yan okay. Masakit yan. Hindi ko na iisa-isahin yung five stages of grief kasi para sa’kin isa lang yung significant na part dun. Yung ACCEPTANCE. It will be a painful and gruelling journey but I pray that you come out of it stronger and better. Curse him all you want, be angry and resentful, do what a normal human being who has been broken by love would do, pero stage lang yan, wag mong tambayan. That’s the sad truth about love. One day, you fall in and then you fall out of it. Two things can happen, either you find your way back and fall again (with the same person of course) or you just give up. If he chose the latter, you do whatever it takes to TRULY heal and move on (without casualties, I’m referring to rebound and all other forms of moving on na may iba kang masasaktan). Him falling out of love is not your fault and you are not in control of how he feels so never beat yourself up about it. Misplaced guilt yun. You may also want to consider too na hindi lang ikaw ang nasaktan. Siya rin panigurado. Relationships fail dahil at some point nagkulang kayong pareho. Just focus on your own healing and although it will take a lot of sleepless nights and cryfest here and there, trust me. It’s going to get better.

Like what I always say in my previous blogs, ang love at relationship ay trial and error. Out of all na makakarelasyon mo isa lang ang makakatuluyan mo. It’s a journey. You will never know who, when or how pero siguradong may inilaang tao para sayo. When you’re in a relationship, treat it as if it is the last you will ever have because that’s the moment that you will get to appreciate it for what it is. If it works, then well and good. If it doesn’t, no regrets because when it comes to love, pag naibigay mo kung ano yung dapat, wala kang pagsisisihan.

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Abciddy’s List: Top 5 Korean Movies

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I was supposed to post this 2 weeks ago but I got caught up with work. Fortunately, I was able to find time this weekend kaya ito na. Haha! I have watched a lot of Korean movies in the past years and in making this list, nahirapan ako i-rank kasi maraming magaganda. Again, just like the top 5 Korean dramas, ang basis ko is yung hangover after the movie and how the entire film affected me. I hope this list could help you in case you’re looking for something worthwhile to watch.

5. Sunny

I always come across this title everytime I search for must-see Korean movies but I never really paid attention until late last year nung naubusan na ko ng mapapanood. I wish I could have watched it sooner. Unang eksena pa lang napa-“Uy!” na ‘ko. “Uy!” in a good way. Haha! The movie is about a group of friends who hadn’t seen each other for decades at nagkahiwa-hiwalay sila because of an incident na of course, hindi ko na ikekwento para hindi ma-spoil. One of them is terminally ill and wanted all of them to get together at habang naghahanapan sila, their individual stories were told and how their friendship blossomed and faded eventually. Why you need to watch this? It will make you realize the value of friendship. It is very relatable kasi I’m sure you have those people in your past especially nung mga “nene” at “totoy” days niyo na you may have shared amazing memories with na ngayon binabalik-balikan niyo na lang. It will make you wonder about so many things especially how time passes and as life happens, there are certain people who you lose connection with at mapapaisip ka “Ano’ng nangyari?”. What I like about this movie (aside sa life lessons at soundtrack) is that nabalanse yung comedy, romance, drama, at konting action.

4. The Beauty Inside

First, it’s Han Hyo Joo. I’m a big fan of her work. She’s such a versatile actress who’s really good in choosing her projects. Siya yata girl version ni Lee Jong Suk dahil pareho silang magaling pumili ng roles. When I watch her nawawala yung artista. She becomes the character and that’s exactly what she did in The Beauty Inside. The story reminded me so much of David Levithan’s “Every Day”. A guy wakes up every day na nag-iiba siya ng itsura. He can be a woman, a man, a child, lolo, lola, basta, iba iba. Parang shape-shifter only that he's not in control. Then he fell in love with this girl and he had a hard time telling her about it. Yung conflict sa part nung female character is that she knows she’s in love but she’s struggling with the fact na hindi niya alam kung ano ba talaga itsura ng taong mahal niya at napagkakamalan pa siyang promiscuous ng pamilya at mga kaibigan niya because they see her dating different men without knowing of course na iisang tao lang yun nagiiba lang ng itsura. It was as if she’s falling in love with a different person everyday. The plot is unique in itself but what’s more amazing is that kada palit ng male lead ng itsura magugulat ka. All star cast ba naman. She kissed and cuddled the most gorgeous Korean actors to date. How lucky can this woman get?! Haha! This movie will teach you about love in its purest form and how it will make you accept someone despite their flaws, idiosyncrasies and in their case, kahit magpalit palit ka pa ng itsura.

3. My Sassy Girl

First Korean movie na napanood ko and even until now, it sticks with me. It isn’t named the highest grossing Korean comedy of all time for nothing. I have watched it twice pero sobrang tagal na nung huling beses (I think I need to rewatch it some time soon) but Jun Ji Hyun’s chemistry with her male counterparts has always amazed me. She’s one of Korea’s top actresses and Cha Tae Hyun is equally competent so it’s no wonder that this movie became a hit. The film  was heartbreaking  not just because of the female character’s back story pero pati na rin yung pag-unfold ng love story nila nung male lead. Something like it could have been better if we met in another time but it was all good pa rin kasi naging dahilan ka para gustuhin niyang magmove on. Something like that. It was open ended which for me is a really great way to make the movie linger to the viewers and yun mismo talaga naging epekto sa’kin. I was reminded of that feeling when I watched Legend of the Blue Sea. Cha Tae Hyun’s cameo role was “daebak”! Haha! Made me want to watch My Sassy Girl again.

2. Train to Busan

I fell in love with Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince, he made me fall again in Train to Busan, and yet again in Goblin. Ugh! This guy! Haha! His character in Train to Busan isn’t his usual prince charming role sa mga Kdrama but he definitely nailed his portrayal. This movie wasn’t just a hit in Korea but it was actually talked about all over the world. I watched this sa movie house mismo kaya feel na feel ko yung mga zombie. Yung term na “at the edge of my seat”, it was literal for me nung pinanood ko ‘to. Sa sobrang suspense, napapatalon pa ko sa kinauupuan ko. The suspense/horror part was nicely done pero yung story at kung papano nila nilagyan ng puso yung pelikula, that made all the difference. The effects were top notch, cameraworks and even the stunts, it was flawless for me. It wasn’t a typical zombie movie na ang intensyon lang eh takutin at gulatin ka. You’ll learn so much from the characters at mapapatanong ka, alin ka sa kanila in times of crisis. Will you help others survive o sarili mo lang iisipin mo? Also, walang tapon na eksena at walang character na useless. All of them played a vital part in the movie. Not to mention, the lead child actress was sooo good. Nakakadala.

1. A Werewolf Boy

A Werewolf Boy first came out in 2012. I don't know why it didn't reach my radar. It was recommended by a friend so I decided to give it a try. One thing I love about Korean actors is that rarely will you see a resemblance sa pag atake nila sa mga characters. I love Bo Young in Oh My Ghost and Speedy Scandal but her performance in this movie is sooo good and for me, this is by far Joong Ki's best. Buong movie hindi siya halos nagsalita pero mata palang, ni hindi nga siya umiyak, pero ako bilang nanunood his portrayal really pulled my heartstrings. The ending scene, grabe lang. Tumatak talaga. Everything in this movie was good pero yung acting talaga yung nagdala. Sobrang galing.

Runners-up! Here are some movies that I was also fond of pero hindi ko na sila ni-rank. You may want to check them out too. ;)

Miracle in Cell No. 7

A Moment to Remember

My Little Bride

Slow Video


Miss Granny

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Heart Talk Dahil Heart’s Day

I’m a day late, I know, but let me greet all of you a happy happy love month (hindi na lang Happy Valentine’s Day kasi tapos na). Don’t ask me how I spent it because nothing extraordinary happened. I worked all day and that was it. So many things on my plate right now. Happily accomplishing my daily to-do list. Nakakapagod pero fulfilling. I may have a lot to share in the coming months when my projects materialize. Anyway, I took a few hours today to post something on my blog. It’s been a while and I promised myself to write more this year, so here’s me trying to keep that promise.

Kumusta naman ba mga puso niyo? :p

I’ll answer a question that a friend asked me last night and will try my very best to keep it short. Alam niyo naman sobrang daldal ko.

“Do you miss it?”

I miss being in a relationship sometimes. It’s hard to deny that dahil as much as nagdududa na ‘ko na nagtatransform na yata ako sa pagiging halaman, missing it will never be a good reason to jump back into dating. Not that I didn’t try in the past years but talking to people who could potentially be you-know-what, I realized I no longer have the patience to do that text tennis whole day and get out of my way to spend time to date. Swerte ng makareply ako ng dalawa o tatlong beses sa isang conversation na sinimulan sa tanong na “Gawa mo?”. I wonder too because I used to enjoy that phase before.

A friend told me “Hindi ka lang talaga interesado kasi kung gusto mo yung tao, kahit gaano ka ka-busy, ikaw pa mismo magsisimula ng conversation.” She could be right. Or maybe it’s really not my priority right now. Even in my prayers, the past years hindi ko na naisasama yung lovelife ko. I don’t want to think that I gave up on it. Maybe it’s just not the right time, I don’t really know.

I never thought that it would be possible to feel this way. Yung feeling na di ka makaramdam ng kahit na anong kulang. I always say malalaman mo kung ano ang importante sayo by observing the people and the things that you pray for. In my case, it has always been about my family, my friends who ask me to pray for them, my dreams, and my incessant desire to get to know God and to follow what He wants. I wake up everyday feeling excited because it’s Him who will greet me “Good morning”. There’s a different kind of comfort at night because I know He’s the One tucking me in. His love for me overflows that I can’t possibly feel any void in my heart.

Lonely days come and go but it’s not much of a struggle. Days when I miss having someone to hold my hand or to share my thoughts with, those are just fleeting moments because all the things that I miss in a relationship, He already took care of. Had it been my way, I would want to share my life with someone too but since the day that I surrendered my life to Him, I’m no longer in control and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So if He says “no” for now, I’m good with it. ;)

Sa mga in a relationship, you are blessed. Take good care of what you have and make everyday a Valentine’s Day.

Sa mga single, kapit lang mga bes. Ilang araw na lang tapos na ang Feb. HAHAHA! Kidding aside, pray for a God-given relationship. There’s no need to be bitter or envious of those who have found theirs because trust me, God’s timing is always perfect. Allow Him to amaze you. Love is all around and it comes in different forms. Bask in its presence mapa-pamilya man yan, kaibigan o trabaho. Kung apaw level na, ipunin mo yung sosobrang pagmamahal sa puso mo kasi hindi rin magtatagal, darating din si special someone at si Lord pa magdedeliver sa’yo. ;)

Carpe diem!

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Abciddy's List: Top 5 Korean Dramas

Image from MyDramaList

Yes, my dear readers, it’s epidemic. Haha! I’m infected, aminado. Years back, I wasn’t fond of watching Asian films and series. Hilong hilo kasi ako sa subtitle. It’s more like reading to me than watching. Ang hirap mag-concentrate sa ibang movie elements kasi na-consume na yung attention mo ng pagbabasa. The only Asian drama that I completed was Coffee Prince. Though I loved that series a lot, hindi na yun nasundan for a long time. 2014 came and I got interested again after watching “49 Days” out of curiosity. Since then, watching Asian films and TV shows especially those that are created by Koreans, Thai and Indians became a weekly thing. I watch at least 3 to 4 in a month. Either I binge on a few episodes before I go to sleep or during busy days, mina-marathon ko pag weekend.

As a writer, it helped my creative process a lot. The thing I love most about Kdramas is that may variety yung mga kwento. Korean writers rarely follow a formula and making movies and TV shows for them seem like a huge creative playground which, to be honest, pinagdadasal ko na ma-apply din ng mga Pinoy minsan. They seldom stretch their stories kaya hindi nagiging dragging and boy, the budget! They really spend to make their shows worth watching regardless kung nagre-rate or hindi.

Having said that, sa dami ng mga napanood ko never ako nag-attempt na gumawa ng listahan ranking them from 1 to whatever but I decided to create one now. I may miss out on your favorite series but since this one is my list, I used my “hangover level” as the basis. Kung pwede ko lang ilista lahat, I will, kasi marami talagang magaganda but if you’re looking for a Kdrama to watch, I hope this helps. Ito yung mga tumatak talaga sa’kin.

5. Reply 1988

It’s a family drama pero hindi siya malalang dramahan. This series had me laughing hard on the comedy scenes. Minsan hindi pa meant maging comedy yung eksena but the actors (especially yung parents) are so natural. Nakita ko yung mga magulang at mga tito at tita ko sa kanila. I fancy anything vintage so I guess medyo may bias ako dun because the setting of the story is in the late 80’s. Ito yung series na tinipid ko yung panonood because I didn’t want it to end. I felt like I was a part of their neighborhood and in reality, how I wish makahanap ako ng ganung community where everybody genuinely cared about everyone. The five main characters who were childhood friends were convincing as well. I watched some of their behind-the-scene footages and it seemed like a very happy set. This series will teach you so much about love, family, and friendship. And by the way, ang hirap hulaan kung sino magkakatuluyan. Kudos sa writer.

4. It’s Okay, That’s Love

Great acting by the whole cast. In my opinion, though I have watched a lot of dramas, this is where Gong Hyo Jin really showed her incredible acting prowess. Napabilib niya ko ng sobra. Jo In Sung was amazing, as always. I love how he could handle crying scenes without overdoing it pero buhos yung emosyon. It was realistic. Needless to say... how can a human being be so gorgeous?? He had undeniable chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin. In some scenes, they were believable as a couple. Their kiss scenes were... ugh! Basta panoorin niyo! Haha! Storywise, ang daming shocking twist. That’s one of the many things that I love about this Kdrama. Pinaglaruan ng writer yung isip ko. Lee Sung Kyung also appeared on this show and this is where I first noticed her kaya ako na-excite when I first heard that she’ll be the lead in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Another point, the series is psych in nature so I can relate since I’m a Psych grad. It was fun being acquainted again with familiar terms.

3. W (Two Worlds)

It’s Lee Jong Suk. What’s not to like? Haha! This guy is sooo good in picking his projects. I have watched almost all his series and he slays the action genre. He’s not the macho type. He doesn’t even have that astig aura but that’s the thing. Babyface and lean physique but he can surely pull off his characters. Han Hyo Joo did well too. Ang ganda niya. Kahit sa mga eksenang dugyot na dapat siya, ang fresh pa rin niya. Pero yung hangover ko sa series na ‘to lumala because of their chemistry. I shipped them so hard even after the series. I don’t know if they were just really good actors o sadyang may something talaga sila in real life (I’ve seen the behind-the-scene videos and I can’t help but swoon over them, and sweet naman kasi talaga offcam). The series started strong. Each episode was compelling, I could only say “Ang taba ng utak ng writer nito!” I got a bit worried halfway through the show because there were one to two episodes na medyo naconfuse ako sa mga nangyayari but then, magaling yung creative team, they were able to pick it up. The premise itself na nagmix ang mundo ng graphic novel at ng real world, yun pa lang nakakabilib na but for them to create 16 episodes out of it, it was insane. The effects were really good too.

2. Signal

It’s a crime drama na may pagka-CSI and Criminal Minds. I’m a big fan of crime-related documentaries, movies and shows. Ang sarap pag-aralan how they solve crimes and how perpetrators think. Tapos pag nahuli sila nakikigigil ka dun sa mga nakahuli. Bumabatok ka rin sa TV/monitor. What’s unique about this series is the time travel element. Not sure kung time travel ba tamang term dun basta they were talking through a radio/walkie-talkie. One is in the present and the other is in year 2000. They solved cold cases and even tried to prevent some crimes from happening. I read a few articles about this series and some say na it was inspired by real criminal cases that happened in Korea. Mas lalo siya naging interesting para sa’kin. I even researched for those cases and traced whether it got solved in real life o nanatili na lang siyang cold case. Every episode, clues were dropped but what made it my no.2 is yung pagkakatahi nila ng mga detalye. There were scenes (which I won’t spoil) na napapa “sh*t! ang galing!” ako. Every episode was a puzzle piece.

1. Goblin

Hindi ko alam papano ko sisimulan! Haha! I love everything about this drama. I can’t even describe how I feel evertime maaalala ko yung mga eksena at maririnig ko yung soundtrack. Sa sobrang bilib ko sa writer, I had to research about her and her previous work at hindi na ‘ko nagtaka because her portfolio is gold. Kim Eun Sook wrote a lot of hit series including Descendants of the Sun and Secret Garden. I wasn’t interested at first though nababasa ko nga sa mga reviews na maganda but I have this habit kasi of watching only when a series is done. Like everyone else, ayaw ko ng nabibitin. But with this series, I made an exception. Gorgeooooous camerawork. Sobrang sarap sa mata ng mga shots. Mahahalikan ko talaga yung cinematographer at director. Especially the scenes in the buckwheat field and those that were shot in Quebec, nagpiyesta yung mata ko at kinurot niya ng bongga yung puso ko. The characters on the scenes need not speak their lines. The camera angles and the other elements ultimo patak ng ulan at snow, it spoke for them. And good heavens, the soundtrack. Earworm ko siya for almost a month. Pag nakahanap ako, I will pay for the original CD just so I could have a keepsake. Ganun siya ka-worth it. The cast was good. Topnotch acting from Lee Dong Wook (who’s such an eyecandy, by the way) and Yoo In Na. Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun... haaaay. Episode 13 and 15, their scenes (I won’t spill the specifics for the sake of those na hindi pa nakakapanood) made its mark in me. Hindi ko alam paano nila inaral yung atakeng gagawin nila sa mga eksena but they were reaaaaaaally good. At first hindi ko nakita yung chemistry nila but they played their roles exceptionally well and as a viewer, they made me believe that great love never dies and in their case, it is eternal. The chemistry was so real I farted rainbows everytime I see them together. Haha! The script fascinated me too lalo na yung mga dialogue nung deity.  I learned a lot about faith, kindness, justice, love and His will. I think it would take a while before another Kdrama kicks this out of my list’s top spot and I’ll definitely watch it again some time soon.

Other Kdramas that almost made it to my top 5, hindi ko na ‘to na-rank pero worth it sila ulitin:

Master’s Sun

Coffee Prince

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Descendants of the Sun


My Love from the Star

Kill Me, Heal Me

I will be blogging about my top Korean movies too. Will have it posted next week. I wish I could watch enough Indian and Spanish movies too. Hopefully, I could make time soon pag di na hectic sa work. Yung tipong one week off, tulog at nood lang. *wishful thinking* If you have other Kdrama or foreign film suggestions, please send me a message or comment on this post. Baka maka-discover ako ng mga bago sa inyo. Thank you in advance! :) 

Carpe diem!

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017: Change is Coming

I didn’t have much time to wrap up my year the way I did before. Too much happened during Christmas season (family stuff mostly) and the only time that I was able to stop and reflect was last night, an hour before the clock hit 12.

Marami akong sinabi sa sarili ko before 2015 ended and I was so hopeful about so many things in 2016 but most of it didn’t happen. I don’t know why but I didn’t dwell on it anymore kasi in retrospect, mas malaki pa ang nakuha ko. 2016, I must say, was the year that I got to know God a little better and though I know that I still have a long way to go, the things that I learned this year greatly strengthened my faith in Him and in all things that are good. There were unanswered prayers but I feel as if He took the year to gear me up for something great this 2017. Excited? YES! VERY!

Today is the first day of the year at kung totoo ang sinasabi ng iba na kung ano ang ginawa mo sa unang araw ng taon, most likely yun ang gagawin mo the whole year, then I must have started it right. I’m so glad that I have spent this day doing three of the things that I really love doing – praying, watching movies and writing. I hope I could do more of this ngayong 2017.

For some time, I thought I unintentionally put out the fire (my longest writer’s block ever) but today, I found myself writing for 4 hours straight. It’s still here. Yung dating pakiramdam, yung trance-like experience when I write my thoughts, walang nagbago. The short hiatus from writing gave way for me to discover new things about myself and the things that I want. It gave me a chance to chase after my other dreams but just like before… pagsusulat ang binabalik-balikan ko. So this year, the fire right here in my heart will definitely reignite. I even think it’s going to be bigger than before.

Change is coming? Actually change is always coming. I guess some people just aren’t ready to welcome it. For me though, I’m embracing it this year. Hindi ko kakalimutan ang mga nangyari sa’kin last year. Wala akong galit sa 2016 at sa ibang taon pa na lumipas. I want to make peace with all my mistakes, shortcomings, bad decisions and stubbornness and just start this year dropping all the regrets and whatnot. This year, I want to finally call myself an adult and face everything head on. With a little room for fear, yes, but with God in my heart, I will carry on anyway. I will continue to love the people around me and try my best to show them a glimpse of “heaven” so they would crave for it and eventually seek the Big Guy up there because He's the only One who could give more.

We have 350 plus plus days ahead and this is only Day 1. Ready ka na? Tara!

Carpe diem!

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MOVIE REVIEW: Die Beautiful

Disclaimer (and I might paste this part a lot sa mga susunod kong isusulat na mga reviews para iwas bashing :p) I am not an expert film critic so everything na mababasa niyo ay pawang opinyon lang ng isang ordinaryong moviegoer. I have great respect for other people’s opinion so I hope readers/visitors of this blog will not take it negatively kung may part man that you don’t agree with. I will try my best to write unbiased reviews so if some of you don’t share the same opinion, peace tayo! Hehe! ;)

Direk Jun Robles Lana is one of the directors who I look up to. I met him once when I applied on his scriptwriting workshop last year. He wowed me then and he amazed me again now. Kung pwede lang na sa isang salita ko lang ma-describe yung pelikula niya, ito lang:


Mula sa direksyon hanggang sa pagkaka-edit ng pelikula up to the flawless performance of Paolo Ballesteros and Christian Bables. I read so many reviews of Die Beautiful and so far, I never came across one that was negative. Because of that, lalo ako nacurious. Pagka-announce pa lang that it was one of the finalists in 2016’s Metro Manila Film Festival, naaatat na ‘ko mapanood.

I expected it to be good but not this much. Awards garnered by this film are all well-deserved. Paolo did an amazing job as Trisha Echeverria, so did Christian as he played the ever loyal bestfriend, Barbs. The way they portrayed their characters were compelling. The movie was well written. Kahit hindi ka beki, makaka-relate ka. The lines weren’t tacky  at hindi pilit. Kudos to Die Beautiful's screenwriter, Rody Vera. As a viewer, para akong tsismosa na nag-oobserve at nanonood sa dalawang beki  sa kanto. That’s how real it felt.

Some non-linear movies that I watched in the past left me confused at some point, but not this one. The film editor, Ben Tolentino, did such a brilliant job and the idea na it jumps from one timeline to another, yung pagkakatahi at pagkakabuo ng pelikula, it all made sense. As a viewer, hindi niya ko nilito. The way the movie was edited, in my opinion, was one of its strengths.

Die Beautiful is one of 2016’s must-see movie.

Colorful. Intense. Moving.

Carpe diem!

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MOVIE REVIEW: Vince & Kath & James

(The first part is for my followers. If you want to read the movie review right away, go straight to the Disclaimer. Happy new year everyone!)

I have always been a big supporter of MMFF. As a family, we had this tradition since I was in grade school that we watch at least 2-3 movies during Christmas Day at may pagpaplano pa kaming ginagawa kasi expected na namin na maraming tao. As soon as the mall opens, nandun na kami. Talagang nakikipagsiksikan kami ng mga kapatid ko at wala kaming pakialam sa haba ng pila. As a kid, I never understood why we were so excited with this annual movie festival when we can just wait for the entries to be available on VHS (back in the 90’s) or DVD (nung medyo techie na). I realized na that family tradition played a big part on why I became so engrossed with local films. Una ko talagang minahal ang pelikulang Pilipino bago ko nasimulang ma-appreciate yung mga gawang banyaga.

Anyway, why I’m telling you this is because a friend of mine gave me an idea the other day. I’m not really good in writing reviews kasi pag nanonood ako, ineexperience ko siya at ninanamnam to the point na ang hirap ng i-narrate. Basta naramdaman ko and I can’t put it into words. But since I babble a lot about the movies and TV shows that I watch when we talk, sabi niya “Bakit kaya hindi ka na lang sumulat ng reviews para di nasasayang yung mga mahahabang komento na sa’kin mo lang sinasabi?” At naisip ko bakit nga ba hindi. This isn’t just to let my thoughts out but to help other people na rin to decide what to watch. I’m not sure, of course, if we have the same taste but if you think my thoughts could be useful, go ahead and peruse. :)

So… aside from random musings (see blog description on top), I might write about reviews on movies (and maybe TV shows) that I discuss with a few friends who are huge movie junkies like me.

Disclaimer (and I might paste this part a lot sa mga susunod kong isusulat na mga reviews para iwas bashing :p) I am not an expert film critic so everything na mababasa niyo ay pawang opinyon lang ng isang ordinaryong moviegoer. I have great respect for other people’s opinion so I hope readers/visitors of this blog will not take it negatively kung may part man that you don’t agree with. I will try my best to write unbiased reviews so if some of you don’t share the same opinion, peace tayo! Hehe! ;)

So ayun na nga… first movie review this 2017 is the first MMFF entry na napanood ko.

It was only on December 30 that I had the time to visit the mall so unlike the past years na talagang December 25 ako nakakanood, it took me 5 days after pa to finally watch though I read movie reviews in my free time. The movies that I really wanted to see on this year’s MMFF are Die Beautiful and Saving Sally. I only had 3 hours max to spare last Friday and it really pissed me off that I came late for the 10:40am screening of Die Beautiful while Saving Sally’s first screening was 4pm. Paano? Haha! The only movie left for me to watch on that day was Vince & Kath & James since the rest were screening on the other side of the mall at mauubos ang oras ko. I haven’t read any review of VKJ so I have no idea what to expect basta Star Cinema siya at romcom.

I have watched tons, if not all, Star Cinema movies na romantic comedy ang genre since late 90’s so I didn’t expect anything surprising because they seem to follow a formula. There was nothing special on the story. It was typical and very predictable but what made me like it is yung treatment. When it’s supposed to look pabebe, to my amazement, it didn’t seem that way at all. Para niya kong binalik sa pagkabata at naramdaman ko yung kilig nung mga panahong nakikita ko yung first crush ko. No overdone cheesy scenes but only cheesy lines na for some reason eh imbis na magcringe ako eh naaliw ako. Props to the writers, Daisy Cayanan, Kim Noromor and Anjanette Haw.
In all fairness to Julia Barretto, she has improved a lot. I watched Para Sa Hopeless Romantic and I wasn’t really impressed by her performance there so it was really nice na nagcomplement sila ng leading man niya dito. She looks stunning on cam and she did well in the comic scenes. She and Maris Racal were believable as bestfriends and Maris, though I’m not a fan of uber kikay characters, did not come off as annoying.
Ronnie Alonte... hmm. Dead eyes. :( There were some scenes pa na nahuhuli siya na napapatingin sa camera. He's an eyecandy, yes, but they could have chosen someone else to play his role. Fit naman as a rich boy varsity player – looks, tindig and all – but in terms of acting, medyo kulang pa. Forgivable naman since he’s a newbie. I haven’t watched Seklusyon yet so I can only base lang dito sa movie na ‘to. Maybe he did better in that film, I’m not sure.

Joshua Garcia, as expected, did an amazing job as Vince. Since marami na nagsabi na kaabang-abang siya sa movie, hindi na ko nagulat. You can really see the potential in him. Yung mga seryosong scenes especially the confrontation ones with Ina Raymundo, gusto ko yung hindi over the top yung pag-iyak niya kasi ganun usually umiyak ang lalaki. Pigil. Hindi hagulgol pero ramdam mo na nasasaktan talaga. Hindi dinaan sa pagsigaw. Humikbi lang pero tatamaan ka. Given the right projects at kung maho-hone pa yung talent niya, he could be the next big thing.
When I saw some of their promotional shots, hindi ko masyado nakitaan ng chemistry si Julia and Joshua but during the movie, lalo na sa sinok at talyer scene… sparks. Marami. Yun na lang. Haha! They unexpectedly look great together onscreen.
Cinematography is nice. Sarap sa mata ng mga kulay and gustong gusto ko mga close up shots ni Joshua and Julia. Overall, na-enjoy ko yung movie. I can’t really compare it to the book/textserye on Facebook because I haven’t read it yet but the movie itself was entertaining and just the right mix of everything. Though it wasn’t as deep and intense as the other MMFF entries, parang ito yung naging “buffer”. Hindi sinayang pera ko. The kilig element wasn’t over the top. Sakto. Easy to watch. Based on the portrayal of the two lead actors, yung simplicity ng script at treatment ng story, if you want to see something light, you will appreciate this one.
By the way, may hangover ako sa soundtrack ng VKJ. Whoever thought of using “O Pag-ibig” of Bailey Mae and Ylona Garcia, good job! Ang lakas maka-LSS.
I’ll be writing a review of Die Beautiful tonight as well since napanood ko na siya kanina. Hope I could find time tomorrow to watch Saving Sally or any MMFF entry. As much as I intend to watch all of it, I’m not sure if I have the time pero sana. :)
And… may I just say… my goodness NAMISS KO MAGSULAT!!! :p

Carpe diem!
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