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How TWICE Introduced Me (and Probably Many Newbies) to the KPop World

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Most of my readers know how much of a Kdrama junkie I am but to be honest, I haven’t crossed the Kpop world until I saw TWICE. In the past, I don’t really get the fascination over Kpop idols because for someone like me who can’t understand Korean/Hangul without subtitles, how? Just how?

Although I know a few Kpop groups like 2NE1 (primarily because Dara Park is big in our country), Girls’ Generation and Bigbang (come on, who doesn’t know G-Dragon?) but I don’t really know much of their songs. The only Korean music I sincerely listened to were those that were used as soundtracks of the Korean dramas I’ve watched so I know Ailee, Ben and Crush. Early this year, I accidentally heard Taeyeon’s song “11:11” on Spotify and I had it on repeat for more than a week. I got curious about her other songs so I tried listening to her album and boom! Instant fan. So I guess she’s the first Korean artist who I had more than 3 songs that I listened to (and loved). However, I haven’t gotten into that phase yet of really getting to know Taeyeon by reading articles about her or watching her past videos. I have paid attention only to her music and her live performances. I couldn’t really see myself fangirling hard over Korean celebrities although there were a few who I am really fond of.

And then TWICE came. I have been stanning this group since April and I can’t believe that I have binge watched almost all of their videos including their TV appearances since their debut.  Little did I know that what started as a mere curiosity (I keep hearing “miyane, shy shy shy, cheer up baby” on the Kdramas I’ve watched last year and my sister had their songs playing over and over at home though I’ll be honest, it wasn’t my type of music because I wasn’t really into pop) eventually became my first (and perhaps ONLY) Kpop group that I went crazy over.  I can’t even begin to explain how much I love these girls so now yeah, I can say this to other Kpop fans... I GET YOU! NOW, I FINALLY GET  YOU!

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TWICE may not be the strongest in terms of vocals but as a rookie group (although they’ll be celebrating their second year soon), they’re really promising. With more years ahead of them and more training and live performances to come, I believe that they’ll get there. Their songs aren’t the best when you hear them first but it rings in your head and it just grows on you without even noticing it. It just unknowingly becomes your jam. However, my fondness of them didn’t happen because I was amazed by their songs or their performances but I was actually captivated by their personalities when I accidentally watched their reality show (TWICE TV) and from there, I could no longer stop. I find them really shy and awkward on variety shows but when they’re interacting with their co-members, just on their own and being themselves, they have this distinct wit, humor and charm that makes me “kilig”, giddy, happy and unbelievably excited. It's so hard not to love them. They're a happy bunch of girls who just cares about doing what they love most while having fun.

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I started asking myself who my bias is (and the word “bias” I just learned recently because I have zero idea about the terms used in Kpop fangirling/fanboying world, I'm really new to this) but I couldn’t pinpoint who because seriously, everyday my bias changes. This is the first time (and hopefully the last) that I made an effort getting to know a group. Yes, I know all their names, their nicknames, their age, and all other things that a true Once should know and I realized that fangirling is no frickin’ joke. It seriously wrecks your life. I couldn’t last a day without a dose of them. Not that I’m complaining but my daily routine had a major change because of these girls. I don’t regret it though because after all the stress that I get from work, I end my day watching them and they make me happy (it’s contagious, by the way, just ask my brother and sister-in-law who also became their fan because of me). 

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Twice TV is already on its fifth season and I look forward to 30, 40 or 50 more. Watching them achieve their dreams and share their music and friendship to all their supporters, it inspires me somehow (especially the part when I learned about their struggles as trainees and Jihyo who patiently waited 10 years for her debut). It makes you feel like you’re a part of their group and like a caring unnie, you enjoy seeing them grow and be a part of their journey. I’m no longer in that age to fangirl this way but these 9 young beautiful dorks brought me back my youth so I’m really thanking TWICE for that. I’m seriously planning to study Hangul so I could understand their show better and perhaps write them a fan mail one day. I’m even saving up so I could see them live in front row seat when they have their PH concert (whenever that will be) or go straight to Korea to watch them there. I can’t wait to hold my own candy bong. ;)

From Momo’s nico nico nii and ridiculous addiction on jokbal to Sana’s “shy shy shy” and cheese kimbap to Chaeyoung’s cringey “that’s what I call happiness” and badass Chaeriana Grande stint to Mina’s adorable “eehh?!” (and the most attractive mole I’ve seen in my life) to Tzuyu’s savage banters with her unnies and evil maknae glare to Dahyun’s “nomuhe” and tofu-like skin to Nayeon’s bunny teeth and adorable laugh to Jeongyeon’s girl crush charm (I don’t know why she’s called “no jam/no fun” because to me she’s really one of the funniest in the group) to Jihyo’s beautiful big eyes and perfect aegyo. Sending you my love, jirit jirit! FIGHTING! :)

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Filipino Once represent!

Note: If any of my readers know a local shop who sells TWICE merchandise, please please please let me know! I’m dying to buy their hoodie and baseball shirt.

Carpe diem!

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