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Kailan Mo Nga Ba Masasabing Ready Ka Na?

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Reading my old blogs. Came across this. I wrote it in September 19, 2013. I'm amazed. It feels like I'm meeting the 2013 version of me. Haha! Anyway, have fun reading. :)

When I reflect on the title of my blog isang tanong lang ang binabalik-balikan ko: Is there even such thing?

Just a disclaimer, everything you are about to read are just my thoughts. I may be thinking out loud and here, putting it in writing. Feel free to disagree. :)

Here's my take on this...

Ang daling sabihin at isipin na hindi ka pa handa sa isang bagay. If you just came from a relationship, if you just had your heart broken, perhaps you're still rebuilding your life and taking back everything you just lost, this may sound cliché and gasgas pero totoo 'to para sakin... You become ready when you find someone who you really really like (not necessarily love) and that you feel it in your gut that if you pass up the chance, you'll regret it. There are things in life na masasabi mo sa sarili mo that it is a one time thing. Na it's either you take it now, or you lose it forever. I know some of you will laugh at this dahil napaka-hopeless romantic lang ng sinabi ko. Even ako nababaduyan but what the heck, pagdating sa “love” kung ano pa ang corny yun pa ang worth it.

Sa mga nagsasabing hindi pa sila ready...

If you find yourself not having a steady date, it doesn't necessarily mean na you're not ready for a relationship. You just haven't found the right person yet who would make you jump off the cliff as you scream “sh*t bahala na si Batman, ito na yun”. Ang relasyon hindi yan final exam na kailangan pag-aralan at paghandaan. Kailangan ba ready ka muna bago makipagrelasyon o kailangan makipagrelasyon ka muna para malamang ready ka na? Truth is, it doesn't matter because when you meet the next person who will rock your world, basag yang “I'm not yet ready” mo.

Sa mga nasabihan ng “I'm not yet ready for a relationship”...

Maybe you're just not the one they're looking for. It's either you play their game and wait for them to be "ready" or move on as quickly as possible and eventually bump into someone who, without batting an eyelash, will be ready for you. Someone who won't keep you hanging and not leave you in limbo. So don't try to find the right one... be that person instead and who knows, natisod mo na pala yung tamang tao para sayo. :)

Carpe diem!

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  1. wow!... lang masasabi ko kasi tumpak na tumpak na eh..thank u for sharing your ideas..can't wait for project z..God bless!

  2. I will always be a fan of yours. Keep inspiring us. ������