Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Realization - If You're a Dreamer

A friend of mine brought my book when she went to England last month. A few days back, she asked me if it's okay if she'll give it as a gift to a Filipina who works as a room keeper in the hotel she stayed at kasi gusto daw hiramin yung Project Ex. Hindi ako nakaramdam ng pagtatampo dahil may narealize ako. If it will make her happy and feel closer to home, bakit ipagdadamot? To my friend, I appreciate what you did. Really. Thank you because you made me realize something na tantya ko eh bibitbitin ko for life.

Minsan may mga bagay pala na ginagawa mo para sa Diyos at minsan para sa sarili mo na hindi mo napapansin nakakaapekto na pala sa ibang tao. I don't want people to pay so much attention on the name at the cover of my book that's why I was confused for a time kung pen name nalang ipapalagay ko o buong pangalan ko pa. Like what I always say to my readers nung hindi pa nila ako kilala, yung content at kung ano ang naramdaman nila ang mahalaga. One of my friends told me though that fulfilled dreams are your legacy and in my case, the cover of my book is like an epitaph so my real name deserves to be engraved there. Now I realize na kung may "legacy" nga akong iiwanan kahit sa kokonting tao lang, ito yun. I never really thought that it would go a long way. I'm not trying to change somebody else's world, I was just trying to change mine. Now I realized that God gave me a gift na akala ko wala lang but as it turned out, my words became other people's escape. With this, there's a sudden urge to be more diligent and more committed in what I do.

To my fellow dreamers, embrace your purpose. When you know in your heart that it is what God wants you to do, wag mong labanan. Do everything you can to nurture that gift kasi minsan akala mo para sayo lang pero ang totoo, it's way bigger than you. Use it to extend God's blessings to other people. Prove to Him that He made the right call na sayo Niya binigay 'to. Sa lahat ng ginagawa mo, simple man o hindi, give it your 100%. Sabi nga ng speaker sa isang service na napanood ko:

"You can be a straight A student without giving your 100% but being on top is not what will make God happy. Kahit hindi ikaw ang "the best", as long as you give it your all and that you do it for His purpose, you will give Him joy."

To Ms. Jie, hope you enjoyed the book. Sana kahit paano naibsan ang homesickness mo. I'll pray for you. :)

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

Carpe diem!

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